History of Block Head Machine
Del Haack's Hydroplane
Del Haack Racing on Lake Sammamish
George H. Haack & Del Haack in the background
Block Head Machine is owned & operated by Marty
Haack. He is a 3rd generation machinist. Marty has
worked out of the same location since 1979. First he
started with Big Wheel Auto Parts in 1979 to 1999
working in there machine shop. Then in 1999 it
changed hands to Napa Auto parts in which he ran the  
machine shop as well until 2003. In 2004 Marty started
Block Head Machine expanding to more custom work
including Racing engines, restoration engines, marine
engines and engines for towing applications. Today
Marty & Block Head Machine is a well established
machine shop & well known among many racing
communities including the APBA, Grand Prix West,  for
High performance-High Horsepower reliable engines &
is also involved in tuning alot of his customers engines
at the races. If you want reliability and/or high
horsepower then contact
MartyHaack@Blockheadmachine.com today!!!!!
Marty Haack
Marty  & Wendy