FOR SALE: Former UL8/GP18 Also Former UL5 owned & driven by Kevin Aylesworth. Ron Jones
Sr. Design, 2 wing hull lengthened and widened by th UL5 team in 2006. Ran as a UL from 2007 to
2009 & one GP race by Bob Baker. It is now owned by Block Head M
achine. All parts, hardware,
hull & trailer  $40
k,  negotiable. All serious offers will be considered. No Running motors at this
time, but there is close to a complete motor & lots of part for 2nd motor. Lots of spare hardware
for the hull as well, about 2 or more parts of
most everything, to much to list. Call Marty Haack for
details or a showing (206)242-9199 or e-mail